• TP70S 3-zone snare pad that allows you to play directly on the snare head or play open or closed rimshots.
  • KP65 kick pad and a genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal FP6110A provide smooth action and real feel.
  • HH65 hi-hat controller for expressive hi-hat performance

Pad sets

Snare: TP70S (7.5 inch pad with 3-zones)

Tom Pad : 7.5 inch pad

Floor Tom Pad : 7.5 inch pad

Kick Pad : KP65 (Twin pedal compatible)

Foot pedal: FP6110A

Hi-hat Pad : 10 inch pad

Crash cymbal 1 : 10-inch pad with Choke ability

Ride cymbal : 10 inch pad

Footprint (average) : 800mm x 1000mm

Weight : 16.9kg

Accessories : Drum key, Connection cable (9ch snake cable), Cable bands(x2) Owner’s Manual


Tone generator

Maximum Polyphony : 64 notes

Effects : Reverb: 9 type

Voices : Drum and percussion: 287, Melodies: 128

Drum kits : 10 Drum Kits


Songs : 10 Songs